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Who is Helene Shryock?

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Who is Helene Shryock?

Hi, my name is Helene Shryock. I have been involved in BH since 2014.
My BH history began with my 15yr old black labrador named Rosie, she was one of those once in a lifetime kind dogs, all her life I wanted to do some kind of dog sport with her but because of “life happens” we never had the opportunity to.

For her entire life she always stalked that pesky squirrel from the state of Oklahoma to Louisiana and never once was able to catch him. So, let’s fast forward to the day a friend said to me “Hey girl, there is a sport for Rosie”, she doesn’t have to have papers.

So here I go on my BH journey with a 15yr old dog. I got her registered. We practiced some, had no clue what I was doing but was convinced that we named these rats, squirrels. When the tunnel became too much we bowed out of the ring with pride. As I knew this game was never about a “Q” for this girl but about the fun of the hunt for her squirrel. She accomplished earning her Senior Title. By this time, I learned so much with her in the BH ring. As I was beginning my BH journey with her I was also starting a journey of having a very reactive dog named “Rosco-P” he never liked other dogs or the obedience ring, I promised him that once he earned his CD and RE we will never step foot into an obedience ring again.

This boy only did this because I asked this of him. But when I introduced him to BH he became alive in the BH ring, but then started shutting down on me. He did earn his RATCH, I once again told him earn that RATCH and you will never have to step foot in any ring again. And now by this time a lil puppy showed up at my house “Bulldogee”. Now
this boy was scared of everything, I have never had to teach a dog that it was ok to enjoy life, with time, dedication and just the mere belief in a dog we conquered the obedience ring. This fellow earned his BN and RN in his first obedience show. Even qualified for Rally nationals. And yes, during this journey we played in the sport of BH, again never once
cared about the “Q” but just the fun of doing something with my dog.

He was on his way to earning his Master’s title before God quickly and unexpectedly called him home. But before this something became alive in this lil fellow, he accepted the world as his stage and made sure with everything he did you were laughing and smiling at him. His job was to make you smile.

Once again lets fast forward to about 4 months after his passing, a FB post showed up and there was Mender “of my broken heart” Jones. This boy was a spitting image of my Bulldogee. I truly believe that Bulldogee sent this boy so here I go, on my way to get this
puppy. After a week of having him home he was already playing with mini hay bales. I took what I learned and put all of what these previous dogs taught me about BH into laying the foundation for this boy. And at the age of 5 Mender has earned every BH title also was #1 in hurdles in 2020. This boy is my BH dog. He lives for the next hunt, he’s the #1
American Bully in the nation.

So in my BHs journey I believe I have had every dog, the shy one, the one that shut down, the one that changed indications, the one who didn’t care, the one that lives for the hunt. All I care about is that I spent time in the ring with my dog. This is my “Thank you” to all my BH dogs.

Mender”of my broken heart” Jones RATI-RATNX-RATOX-RATSX-RATCHX3-

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