Barn Hunt Class Level Determination Help


Barn Hunt Class Level Determination Help

Novice Classes

Novice introduction:

Dogs have never seen a Rat or a Barnyard.

–        Building up knowledge of Rules and Regulations for Barn Hunt

–        Encouraging the dogs instinct for finding a Rat.

–        Learning the Novice tunnel

–        Climbing up on bales

–        This class will finish with an unofficial “Trial Instinct test”.

Novice 1

Dogs did go through a Novice Barn Hunt introduction class.

Students understand the Novice Rules.

Dogs don’t have a solid tell yet.

The class will build up on:

–        Value on the rat

–        Solid Novice tunnel

–        Solid climb

–       “Go on” hunt

–        One Rat

Novice 2:

Students need to know the Barn Yard etiquette and Rules. Dogs need to be able to understand the search and the Rat in a tube and are solid with a Novice Tunnel.

This class will build up on

–        Beddings are a No No

–        Hides up and low, climb is not a problem.

–        There might be more than one Rat in the Yard

–        The Rat is important mom/dad, not so much (detaching).

–        Dogs stay on the Rat.

–        Getting ready to compete in Novice at the end of this class.


Dogs competing in Novice and get ready to move up. Students are confident in the Barnyard etiquette and rules. Dogs can distinguish between Bedding and Rat tubes.

In this class dogs will learn

–        a good tell (students will learn a better read on the dog)

–        independent hunting

–        Tunnels set up Open, Crazy8 to Senior

–        upper-level hides in different locations

–        starting with the feeling for time.

–        2-3 Rats

–        Building more confidence in calling rat


Dogs are competing in Open and getting ready to move up.

Open tunnels are solid,  tubes with beddings are not interesting anymore.

We are working on:

–         A better tell, fast and confident.

–        multiple Rats, speed and more difficult tunnels and hides up higher.

–        Students learn about dead zones.

–        Pre tell (students will learn to understand dogs’ behavior change before they hit on a rat)

–        Different and harder hides, tubes turned around.


This class is for dogs who are competing in Senior but still need 1 or two legs.

They have a good readable tell.

We are working on:

– time management

– different behaviors and search styles.

– minimum 4 Rats

– long and dark tunnels with at least 2 curves

– solid tell

– learning Dogs let down (change of behavior)

– mapping (students learn to remember where dogs hunted)

– distance challenges

6 week classes for different skill levels will be held in Las Cruces and are $90.00.

We also offer private Ban Hunt lessons (by appointment only) for $50/hr.

We also offer beginner Introductions and classes a few times a year. We STRONGLY suggest your dog(s) have a decent sit/stay and be motivated for either treats or toys. If you need help with any of these behaviors, you can book a private lesson, or we would be glad to refer you to some of our favorite trainers who can help!

Please contact us so we can determine if we can assist you and your dog.

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